It was refreshing to finally hear The Band CAMINO live.  Their sound radiated to a crowd of 40 in DC on a Friday night. They are a group who are all truly passionate musicians who seem to enjoy performing as much as the audience enjoyed listening to their music that night.

At the concert, they announced their new drummer, Caleb Hughes. The previous drummer, Andrew Isbell, decided to leave the band back in June.

The newly configured band also consists of Jeffery Jordan (lead vocals/guitar), Spencer Stewart (guitar/vocals), and Graham Rowell (bass).

The group attribute where they are from (Memphis, TN) to how their music is shaped. Performing live and having an authentic sound is one thing that is most important to them. Coming from all different musical upbringings, they come together to form an electro-pop/rock sound.

Their first EP, My Thoughts on You, was released in 2016. Check out The Black and White, which is their most streamed song on Spotify.

I Spend Too Much Time in My Room, a single released in 2016, showcases their use of simple melodies to create a sonic but linear sound.

Their latest EP release, Heaven (2017), consists of easy going melodies and catchy lyrics. Their instrumentation and sound might remind you of The 1975, but their sound is unique and special.

They are currently working on their next EP which should be released at some point next year. After gaining some popularity over the last few years, I believe that this band is only going to get bigger. They deserve all the success that is to come.


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