Take a trip down ‘The Rabbit Hole’

When I saw ASHE back in February, I was far more impressed than I had anticipated. Her stage presence and happy demeanor convinced me that she would go far with her music. Last week, I got the chance to see her open up for Lewis Capaldi at The Bowery Ballroom in New York. With more of a stripped back set compared to DC, you could really hear her powerful voice and I was even more certain that she will have a headlining tour in her future (The Making of a Headliner).

When ASHE came out on stage, she talked about how her day didn’t really go as planned. However, as she played her songs you could tell that she genuinely started to feel better. Music is healing and it was special to see her night turn around by sharing her music with everyone.

ASHE played songs off of her upcoming EP, which was release on June 22nd. The body of work has already had a lot of positive feedback as it should, since it is genius. The production complements perfectly with her clear vocals, allowing the emotion of her voice to show through.

Her songs speak the truth with the hope of spreading more love into the world. She wants people who listen to her music to know that “hey, I’ve been there too and I’m there for you” kind of thing. You can hear what I mean especially in the song ‘Real Love’, which has to be my favorite on the EP. It starts off with a simple piano melody that grabs your attention right away. The song gives me chills at the bridge with the airy sounding harmonized voices. The lyrics explain that everyone wants to be loved in the real way and to have a good life, but at the end of the day everyone goes through the same nonsense. You just ‘take it with a smile, get by’ and move on with life knowing that you aren’t’ alone in the way you are feeling.

You can check out the album below:

ASHE’s first body of work makes it clear that she is here to stay with her music. It is different sounding in many ways, but I love that kind of weirdness in music. It’s the kind of weird you wanna hear over and over again. She writes and sings the way she wants to, no matter what other people may think. ASHE does it because she loves it, and that’s the way it should be with any artist.

I also got to see her perform her new songs at her EP release party last Friday, which was a very special experience. The way that ASHE can consistently hit crazy notes always blows my mind, and I am shaken more every time I see her live.

ASHE is one of the good ones and I know that her music will continue to connect with the people who are willing to give her a chance. I am excited to see her musical journey unfold throughout the years to come.





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