Dana Cargioli & Lisa Haagen make up the genius dark-pop duo known as Liis. After meeting each other almost 3 years ago, they have created music that resonates a calming yet emotional feeling.

Liis started as a solo project of Lisa, and eventually evolved into the duo it is today. The name is a derivative of Lisa, which is how ‘Liis’ came to be. As they started making music together they questioned keeping the same stage name but felt comfortable to use it anyway.

Growing up in musical families, it was very normal for them to write songs and express themselves in that creative way. Drawing from different influences such as Daughter, Julien Baker and St. Vincent, Liis has created a sound that is unique to them.

“I think it is the kind of thing that always will keep moving. We both started with more acoustic roots, but felt drawn to a moodier soundscape which is when we started playing with guitar pedals more. I think the harmonies and counter melodies will always be a part of our “sound”. “

Their latest EP, ‘Put It On; Show It Off’ was released back in May of this year. It was inspired by a pretty personal place about their last few years. Check out my favorite tracks, ‘Thief’ and ‘Cigarettes’

This EP is a beautiful compilation of heartfelt lyricism and moody melodies. When first listening, the danceable beats will take your attention slightly off of the lyrics, but when looking back, the words paint a vivid picture.

I’ve reached the age
Where everything starts to feel familiar in a way
I swear that I can remember living this day
But last time you were wearing a different face [‘Thief’]


And you’re looking for the message in a bottle
But I didn’t know how to be what you wanted to hear
It doesn’t matter what you call it
A fire by another name is gonna burn you just the same [‘Cigarettes’]

Dana and Lisa aren’t just writers and musicians. Their work is poetic. The emotion that is expressed through their music takes on a whole new level of connection. You won’t want to miss out on their music.

They are currently working on new stuff and are planning to be back in the studio this fall. They’d love to be touring in the future and are waiting to see how things line up after they are out of the studio.







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