Sam Florian

The loosely defined genre, ‘bedroom pop’, has been gaining more mainstream popularity within the last year or so. The distinctive style includes many talented musicians that make lo-fi infusing tracks right in their bedroom studios. The almost minimalist sounding yet fully developed songs make for a sound that is raw and true to each artist.

27 year old, Sam Florian, is weaving himself into this ‘bedroom pop’ scene of today. Blending pop, indie, and electronic sounds, Florian’s music has a calming aurora that will chill your senses and leave you amazed with his integrated approach on creating art.

“I recorded my first single ‘Days’ about a year ago with really cheap gear and instruments. I guess that affected the sound to some degree. I also didn’t have much experience recording music so the process took forever and I probably would have produced and arranged it differently if I had recorded it again today. Now I actually study songwriting and producing at a school near my hometown just to get better at it. I also bought some new gear to make it sound a bit better”

The Swedish musician is continuing to solidify himself as an emerging artist with his talent and unique role with the independent pop scene around the world. Around the age of 17, Floridan began creating his own songs that drew from his childhood experiences and the skateboarding culture he grew up loving. With hip-hop being a main influence in the skate videos he would frequently watch, you can often hear elements of the genre within his own songs. Before his discovery of music, skateboarding was Florian’s initial escape.

Sam Florian Days 2

Another influence that lead him into the world of music was his father. In his earlier days, he would hear his father playing guitar. When asked if his father had influenced his music in any way because of these earlier memories, Florian responds:

“There are a lot [of] things that inspire me. I would say that my dad has inspired me to write most of my songs, and not in a good way. He has bipolar disorder and I used to live with him as an adolescent when he self medicated with alcohol. Most of my songs are written about that period of my life.”

Before he puts his past experiences into words to create a song, Florian starts with laying down a synth track and adding a beat to it. He does this first to get a mood started and then does most of the songwriting in the recording process. With all the recordings in place, it usually takes him a week or so to complete an entire song. Since ‘bedroom pop’ music is not super known in the general listeners’ ears, it was intriguing to hear how Florian started sharing his music into the world.

“I have played in bands and put out music before this project but not really on this level. Before this project I had never really produced or recorded anything before but once I did, I really enjoyed myself and just wanted to do it even more. I was so scared to put my music out there by myself at first so I actually emailed my songs to a record label called Hybris, which I’m still signed to. That really got me hyped on releasing my own stuff and to continue making music. “

The bulk of Florian’s catalog has consisted of singles, but his debut album is in the works. He has gained traction from his newly developed fanbase and streaming services, such as Spotify, who have added his songs on playlists. Here his reaction when his single ‘Days’ was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist:

“I was blown away when ‘Days’ appeared on Fresh Finds. I didn’t actually know about it until a day or so afterwards when I received an email from another record label wanting to sign me because they heard my song on Fresh Finds. My third single also got featured on Fresh Finds and I still find it somewhat surreal. To get on there gave my songs such a boost and a lot of online exposure so I’m really happy about that. “

His latest visual for his single, ‘In My Body’, was released back in November. The song features La Öberg, who is a close friend of his, so it was an organic collaboration.

“The song is about being uncomfortable in your own body and how I used to deal with it. I think most people can relate to this”

It was directed by Henric Claes from Studio pop and you can check it out below.

Florian’s most recent collaboration has been with Elsa Carmona, who is on his single ‘Wastin’ My Time’. He hopes to collaborate with more artists in the future, specifically with Clairo, who has a similar ‘bedroom pop’ style.

With his career only beginning, there is a definite chance this will not be the last time you hear Sam Florian’s name. He hopes to be playing more live shows within the next year and doing a bit of touring in the future. Watch out for his debut album which is set to be released within 2019!

What is one song you can’t live without ? Favorite album of all time?

“I can’t live without Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. I listen to it everyday more or less. My favorite album of all time is probably Tapestry by Carole King. “

What’s your favorite song you have ever written?

“The favorite song I ever written is probably an unreleased song called ‘She Feeds The Fire’. It took me five minutes to write but the production and it has taken me forever to get the recording done. But I’m really pleased with how it turned out and hopefully it will get released soon. “

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