New Zealand newcomer, BENEE, is the next best thing in music. With a quirky personality and incredible live show, there is no doubt that she is on her way to stardom.

FIRE ON MARZZ, her debut EP, is out everywhere now. The release features hit songs “Soaked” and “Evil Spider,” as well as new tracks that showcase BENEE’s knack for creating groovy genre blending music.

“Afterlife” is a favorite from the EP. The track was inspired by the real events in a dream BENEE had one night. After remembering all the crazy stuff that happened, she wanted to tell everyone about it. Without much interest from her family and friends in hearing about another one of BENEE’s dreams, she wrote the events into a song instead.

The amusing and entertaining personality of BENEE is refreshing. With a plethora of artists in the music scene today, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between artists. BENEE is certainly paving her own lane. Her sound is infectious and the debut EP proves she is a force to be reckoned with in today’s musical landscape.

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