ON/TV – “More Than Friends”

Swedish pop-trio, ON/TV is on to something. Their 80s inspired sound fits right into the modern indie-pop world of today. Creating catchy synth melodies and singing often heartbreaking lyrics, it is hard to distinguish exactly the feeling that comes when listening to their music. A listening journey that pulls on heart strings, disguised as a catchy pop tune. There is one thing for sure, their music is alluring and will leave you wanting more.

The idea for ON/TV formed back in 2017 by childhood-friends Filip Andersson (vocals, keys, guitars) and Jesper Lekhammar (drums). Together, they had written a handful of songs inspired by the music they grew up listening to, such as 90’s radio music and classic 80’s pop rock. In the summer of 2018 those songs were released on an EP called For the Long Drives. The band also introduced their third member to the group, Jonathan Fjällrud (bass, keys).

Their latest single, “More Than Friends, “deals with the emotions of wanting to be something greater than just a friend for somebody who doesn’t feel the same way, as the title suggests.” Wanting to be with that person but knowing it’s better in the end not to be involved in that way. A heartbreaking realization that everyone has dealt with at one point or another.

“The music is uptempo and poppy, but the lyrics tells the story of how ‘you want my body and I should know better.’ I think we’ve all been in that kind of situation and you try your hardest to convince this person that ‘maybe this is love…why can’t we just give it a try?’, and that is basically what the whole theme of the song is about.” – ON/TV

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