Flawes – Look No Further (Lowlights Version)

The true craftsmanship of songwriting is portraying the same feeling of a track whether is it fully produced or stripped back acoustically. Capturing raw emotion with the bare bones of a song, can prove whether or not an artist or band captures the true authenticity and expression of their music.

Flawes’ forthcoming project, Lowlights, is exactly this idea. The British alt-pop trio have recreated minimalist versions of four songs off of their 2020 album, Highlights. The first song, “Look No Further” has be released with an intimate video session recording. The entire stripped EP is set to release on May 13, via Red Bull Records.

“‘Lowlights’ is a selection of songs from our debut album that have been stripped right down to their bare bones. We love to create a huge wall of sound when playing live, so to mix things up we decided to challenge ourselves and take the complete opposite approach,” explain the band. “The songs are so exposed, there’s almost nowhere to hide. ‘Don’t Count Me Out’ in particular is literally just a piano and vocal, taking the song right back to where it started life.”

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