Christian Sparacio

Summer is in full swing so it’s the perfect time to check out Christian Sparacio‘s newest single “Pacific AM”. The track is relaxed but full of life and is a breath of fresh air to start the morning off right. Sparacio’s classic but modern vocals shine through as the song develops. Pack your bags and add “Pacific AM” to your road trip playlist!

Check out the feature below as well as a playlist/explanations of his favorite artists.

Who is Christian Sparacio in under 10 words?

Prone to stress mama’s boy that finds peace through music.

What from your personal life has influenced you to pursue music?

Aside from the utter joy that music grants me, a select few people influenced the way I approach life. That is, act with love always, in how you treat others, react to situations, and treat yourself. It was in pursuit of this that I realized true happiness for me would only arrive when I began pursuing music, one of the loves of my life. I knew that I owed it to my older self to do what I loved always, so here I am!

Can you talk about your newest single “Pacific AM”?

Pacific AM is a feel good track to get people’s wheels turning. I wanted to express my own desire to hit the road and see the world, meet new people, and learn about myself while doing so. It doesn’t carry the massive weight of conquering love or demons, or anything in particular, but just the free feeling of waking up at first light, and pursuing whatever your intuition tells you to pursue that day.

Is the cover art your own work? 

It is not. It is the work of Albert Engstromer, a superb Swedish artist. Usually, I will send a rough sketch of what I want accompanied by a paragraph describing the mood, general color, and maybe some reference photos, and Albert brings it to life. The man has a gift. 

What are your travel essentials? What’s in your bag?

Journal, glasses, dental floss, passport, a bathing suit, some chinos that don’t wrinkle easily lol, and some Vans. 

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Oof this is a toughie. You ask great questions! I have been longing for some farm town at the foot of a mountain. Maybe my next stop is the Spanish countryside – gosh I would love a cold beer while overlooking the mountainous horizon after a long day’s work. 

Christian Sparacio © Sabrina Barsky

How do you tap into being both personal and original in your creative outlets?

I think I strive to be vulnerable. That is, singing in such a way that brings to life my feelings in that moment, and I follow that up with personal lyricism that is still relatable to the majority of listeners, and tells a story that anyone can dive into for the duration of the song. I love sitting back with my eyes closed during a song, feeling like I arrived in a new universe, and going on my own adventure as it related to the song.  

If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

Hahaha this is so funny. I think it would be savory with a subtle sweetness and fluffy, possibly airy texture. A spectrum of flavors that don’t compete for attention but dovetail seamlessly. 

What’s your theme song?

“It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls .. Duh. 

Christian Sparacio © Sabrina Barsky

Christian’s Favorites

Alt-j – I admire their blend of analog, acoustic, and electronic sounds and samples. They have been one of my chief inspirations in blending the eclectic style I enjoy making music in and pursuing exactly what is in my heart and staying true to my vision. I take pride in remaining unique and bending traditional sounds into my own genre without departing too far from what people ordinarily digest as listeners. I also love the way in which they utilize their voices. I take pride in having multiple vocal “personalities” and being able to layer different vocal timbres all on my own. 

Ben Howard – Ben has such a dope sense of rhythm and finger picking style. I definitely long to create patterns and progressions as unique and exciting as his. He also manages to create a sense of space in his music (a VIBE), like it is a whole universe created just for those listening to his tunes. I long for that – a capsule in time for folks listening to my music – an escape. A VIBE! 

Noah Kahan – Noah is admirable for his vulnerable lyrics, soft falsetto, and delectable plucking patterns on the guitar. I envy his ability to write catchy hooks and adventurous bridges, without losing the listener in his introspective yet relatable verses. It is a goal of mine to write with him one day. 

Young the Giant– They not only have incredible indie rock hooks but they have some of the best guitar and bass tones around, and some of the most smoothly mixed drums around, not to mention the amazing power of their lead singer, and how he knows when to give and when to take away, and when to layer vocals and when to deliver booming solo lines. I love this band.  

The Head and the Heart – Been with them since album one. They have evolved with the times and gotten better with each album and developed their sound but haven’t lost their musical identity. I admire this and it inspires me to keep growing as an artist and not to fear change, but to always stay true to who I am. 

Kings of Leon – Vocally these fellas are not afraid to belt it out then seduce their listeners with quiet hums. Their verbed out snares and dry high hats make for such unique sounds, and I am inspired by their multi dimensional albums, made up of vast lyrical topics, party songs, and some “I just need to sit here and cry while the sun goes down” songs. Love these guys. 

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