Outer Stella Overdrive – Bad Times

Outer Stella Overdrive is here for a good time amidst a bad time. With their newest video release for “Bad Times” they are unapologetically themselves, showing you a day in their lives. Directed by Sadie Frost, the visual has a carefree and DIY look to it, showing the band truthfully without over the top production. Beginning with getting out of bed and ending with a gathering on the rooftop with friends, the video spotlights the highs instead of the lows.

The London native band consisting of Raff, Kelvin, Rudy, and Amin have filled up venues around the city. It’s no surprise because of their unique genre-blending sound, jarring energy, and ultimate hype squad fire. They are ready to settle into their position as one of the best new sounds in punk music today.

“Sometimes the greatest things happen during the ‘bad times’, and we salute them because they only make us bigger and badder. You can hate us but u can’t break us or bend us.”  – Raff

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