Emily Vu – Just Wait

Emily Vu uses Tik Tok to showcase her personality and musical talents. The LA based, 18 year old first gained popularity on the app when she started posting covers. Within the last year, she has developed her own sound and brand, delivering easy listening pop music. “Just Wait” touches upon getting over a past relationship and opening up to someone new. Not wanting the new love interest to move on and asking if they will give some more time to heal. Emily has been releasing a string of singles since October 2019 and her next track “Drifting” is out this Friday!

Did you always want to be an artist? If so, when did you know it was something you wanted to pursue? Why was it important for you to release your songs?

I didn’t always want to be an artist, to be honest. Before I graduated I remember how much I wanted to become a pediatrician because I like working with children. It wasn’t until after I graduated when I realized that I wanted to be a full time artist. I really enjoy the process and creativity of making a song come to life.

You’ve garnered a lot of popularity off of Tik Tok. How do you think the platform has been benefitting artists? 

The platform benefits artists because of its power in the music industry. Songs have been getting a lot of attention because of the trend of TikTok dances.

Tell me a little about “Just Wait” and the inspiration behind the song. Did you work with anyone to produce it?

My song “Just Wait” was inspired by a girl I found myself liking a lot. In the song I express how I’m a pretty damaged and fragile person because of past relationships but how I’m willing to try things with her if she gives me some time.

How did video treatment for “Just Wait” come about?

When my manager asked me what I wanted for my music video, I jokingly said, “I don’t really know, maybe me on a bed with a bunch of pretty girls around me” and she actually liked the idea of it. We told a trusted director the idea and she made some tweaks to it to better apply the idea to the song.

Do you have a specific direction you adhere to for your music or do you create what feels right at the time?

I usually only make music to express what I’m feeling. I can’t feel emotionally bonded to a song unless it’s something I lived through and felt.

Could you pass on a piece of advice for upcoming artists?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and to be different. 

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