Hans Williams – Body on My Shoulders

Beginning college is an exciting but daunting time in a young adult’s life. There is so much change that happens within the months leading up to freshman year and even in the first week. Hans William’s encountered that change when arriving at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and in the first couple of days, he went through a tragic experience. “Body on My Shoulders” is Hans’ latest release in over a year, revisiting a really emotional time in his life. The very personal song recounts his emotions of being a first responder to a floormate’s suicide. It took time to process the events and after being home for a few months due to COVID, he found the words to respectfully talk about his experience.

Using his music as an outlet, he tributes the song to his experience and alleviates guilt off of his back. It’s no easy task to be so open in your songwriting, especially with a story so devastating. In the first verse, he recounts his fears that his life will never be the same, and his mind continuing to relive that day. 

Will I be the same one

Will be the same old kid that left from Vermont

Will I have the same fun

Will I get all my head back to where it was oh

Will I give the same love, or will I be stone cold for the rest of my life cause

There is difficulty in moving on and carrying the weight of a passing friend each day. Wishing that it turned out differently and wanting that person back, but knowing it won’t come true.

Tell me, tell me that I’ll be fine

I crashed down your door just to see if you’re inside

Cause oh in my head you come alive (alive)

We pump your chest ’till your breath comes back to life

The song will leave you fighting back tears as you hear the genuine heartache in Hans’ voice. Producer Phin Choukas ties together the track, bringing the lyrics to the forefront and building up powerful instrumentation. Hans hopes that by sharing “Body on My Shoulders”, it can touch others who may have faced tragedy. Though an event he may never forget, the track aids in Hans’ coping with his loss.

The first $1,000 earned from ‘Body on My Shoulders’ will be donated to the JED Foundation.

If you or someone you know is in crisis please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255

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