Prince Of Wales – Spaceman Games

Will Crockford announces musical shift from EDM to alternative with the release of “Spaceman Games.” On his Instagram, Crockford explains his new start under the moniker Prince Of Wales: 

“I’ve honed in on a new sound that has re-sparked my love for music and with that, I’m beyond excited to announce my new alias and brand, ‘Prince of Wales’.

Though the ‘will crockford’ brand will still exist as an EDM project featuring periodic releases, ‘Prince Of Wales’ will take center stage as an indie/alternative sound and for the first time in my career, the vocals, lyrics, instrumentation, and production are almost all done by me.

Prince Of Wales successfully utilizes his experience in DJ-ing and record production to create a dreamy track that begins to wade into the world of a more alternative-pop sound. This retro-referencing track does not miss a beat. Rooted in otherworldly instrumental breaks, echoing falsetto, and uncomplicated lyrics, “Spaceman Games” addresses solitude through nostalgic longing all dressed up in celestial metaphor, capturing Prince of Wales’ feelings.

Directed by Brennan Goldstein and edited/produced by Zoe Pollard, the “Spaceman Games” music video precisely expresses the questioning loneliness Prince Of Wales sings about. Strategic video direction and editing creates a melancholy story, both lucid and dreamy. As the Spaceman searches for himself on an aimless adventure, his environment moves past him, backwards and shifting. He’s sent into a glitching space with the swallow of a pill. Prince Of Wales sings from behind the helmet, creating an expansive void that only reveals his face. All expression masked.

With a creative team behind him, the vision of “Spaceman Games” comes to life for a stunning debut for Prince Of Wales. As Will Crockford now focuses primarily on this new alter ego, he is willing to stand out and shine just as he has done in his past.

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