“I just want people to understand it’s okay to feel sad sometimes and they aren’t the only ones going through stuff. Maybe my music can help heal them.

What’s your music story?

I would honestly just say a boy that never really had many friends, that’s super lonely living in the burbs, looking for an outlet to express himself because he is quite introverted.

Who/what inspired you to create music?

I was first introduced to music in the church choir. I wasn’t fond of it from the beginning but as time moved forward I started to like the sounds of multiple voices over instruments. I also played the trumpet and piano at a young age. I was always around music whether it was in the house or in the car. It seemed to always be around. I just loved the way I saw people react when they heard music. Listening to a lot of rap music at the time also inspired me to want to be a rapper. I would have friends that would introduce me to different bands and stuff that I thought was super cool. My first attempt of making music was with a childhood friend, Matt, back when I was in middle school.  

How would you describe your musical style to someone that doesn’t know you?

I honestly can’t answer that fully at the moment. I guess I can kind of leave that up to the listeners to make that assumption. I honestly make all types of music so I don’t know! All I know is that I love to create super sad records over happy beats.

What’s the inspiration behind “my bedroom”?

I was super sad in my bedroom and decided to write this song reminiscing on the times I had with my ex. Everything wasn’t perfect but I thought we could break the world together. Everyone has that one person who they think they would spend the rest of their lives with but with time, things changed. I wanted to get super personal on this track.

Can you walk me through the phases of creating this song?

It started by getting a solid guitar melody going and some solid lyrics that would penetrate nicely. Then some nice synths and other sounds to round out the track. It took me a while to get solid takes on recording vocals. I can get into my head sometimes and erase everything, then start over like 50 times. Also, my recording situation is a basement near a loud water heater lol.

Do you write and produce all your music? What is an essential piece in your studio?

For the most part. I do have a close producer and writer I work with to bounce ideas, which is super helpful to the overall creative process.

I would say my Akai midi keyboard that allows me to make beats. Without that, I think I would be lost.

What do you do to stay motivated in your songwriting?

I only create when I have an idea. I don’t like to force anything at all. I like everything to be super organic. I do try to get into the studio daily though, even if it’s just working on beats. I am big on listening to tons of music daily. Listening to music every day keeps the creativity fresh. A really good chord progression motivates me.  I would also say that just living life and observing nature and people allows me to keep creating. I draw a lot of inspiration from cinematography as well.  

The new track comes off the tails of “Last Summer.” Are these two singles off of a future project?

Nope! They are loosies. I have an EP called TRANSITION that I just finished up. It should be out before the end of the year! Super excited about it. I put everything I have into that body of work. The record has five songs that I love dearly.

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