Magazines – Happy Alone

Magazines have only been releasing music for about a year, so it’s hard to believe that this Dublin 4-piece just has a handful of tracks under their belts. Released on September 18, “Happy Alone” pairs a high-tempo shoegaze sound with the echoing vocals of lead singer Cath Leahy, who contemplates the reality of loneliness and a messy relationship amongst clattering drums and dusky guitars. 

The lyrics of “Happy Alone” present themselves like a stream of consciousness reflecting upon and assessing the lapses of a relationship. While the first chorus acts as a mantra of assurance about security and joy in independence, as the song progresses a brutal honesty is revealed. Being ‘happy alone’ might just be an act to get through. As Leahy sings through these thoughts, the lo-fi aesthetic emphasizes both mixed feelings and confidence.

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