Exclusive Interview: Anna Eisch

Anna Eisch is a Nashville based singer/songwriter and producer. From a young age, music was a part of her life but it wasn’t until her early 20s that she started sharing her own. Moving to Nashville in 2016, to attend Belmont, she has grown into the intuitive and lyrically straightforward artist she is today.

Her newest EP, I Doubt He’ll Ever Hear This is a raw and personal compilation of songs all stemming from the same experience. The songs helped her come to terms with the fact she was really wasn’t over the heartbreak at the time.

The songwriting for the project began back in 2018 and all of the tracks were completed within the last year. Anna explains the power of songwriting and getting these songs off her chest:

“It’s actually incredible how you have the power to take any situation and create art out of it…You can take heartbreak and make it into a powerful anthem”.

Amidst a difficult time to be an independent artist, Anna found a way to celebrate the release of I Doubt He’ll Ever Hear This. Read more about her and the project below.

How did you originally get involved with music?

I’ve always kind of been a performer. I remember in Kindergarten I was stoked about having the one solo in our concert- I always loved that kind of thing. My parents have some pretty embarrassing stories from when I was really young. How we’d be at a family reunion and I’d announce to everyone I’m putting on some show. Music was always the thing that I enjoyed doing, but I never shared my music much with people until probably college. 

Do you remember what the first song you wrote was about?

I’m not sure if this was the first one, but I had a friend in 4th or 5th grade that told me how heartbroken she was over this boy. So the next day I came to school with this song called “Payback” for her about how she was over him and ready to get payback. Honestly it’s better than some of the songs I write now haha. 

Congrats on your latest EP release, I Doubt He’ll Ever Hear This! How does it feel to have the project out in the world?

I am SO RELIEVED! This has been something I’ve wanted to do for so long now and I’m so proud to finally see it in my catalog. Every single song is extremely important to me but I love how they all come together and tell the story start to finish. I am overwhelmed with how happy I am with it. 

Were all the songs on the new project inspired by the same person?

To a degree, yes. “Contagious” is the only one that I started back in 2018 before the rest of the songs were written, but I’ve revised the song quite a few times after that up until recording. All of them at least were based off of the same person, but there are a few that are..well..rather specifically about them. The EP itself was meant to tell the story as it happened, and work like a cycle for the next relationship, basically saying I never learn my lesson. So most of the songs could be relevant for other people (if the shoe fits I guess)! 

Over what time period were these songs written?

“Contagious” was written in early spring of 2018, but the rest were written within the past year. “On You” is probably the next oldest since I wrote it in like August/September of 2019. I think it’s a really good mark for where I’m at since ⅗ were written within 6 months of each other. They are all very similar but also very different. They were being worked on in the thick of it and the moment was still fresh.

Did you collaborate with anyone on the songwriting and/or production?

Yes! The first track “Personal Problem” I wrote with my friend Alexa Kishner back in February. We were just catching up at the beginning of our write and just started talking about all of our boy troubles (as you do) and surprisingly had the same issues. So we wrote the song super fast haha. I also got to work with this incredible producer Benjamin Warsaw that I met around that same time, and he produced the final track of the EP “Right Once I’m Over It” for his grad school project. It was such a cool experience and I am so stoked about it closing out the EP. He also engineered the entire thing. I really felt like he understood my vision for it and was able to go above and beyond my expectations. The rest of the songs I wrote and produced. I’m honestly so proud of that because I’ve worked so hard on these songs. It’s so satisfying to have them finally come together. 

What’s your favorite track off the project? Why?

Oof. I have such an emotional connection to all of these songs it’s hard to really pick a favorite. Right now “On You” probably gets me the most excited because it makes me feel like a total boss. If I were hearing the EP from an outside perspective, that one would probably be the one to draw me in. I’m also really proud of my vulnerability on “Ru(e)” though. I wasn’t trying to write something so raw and emotional when this song happened, but I had to come to terms with the fact I was still upset and I wasn’t going to write an upbeat song that day. I am so proud of the production too, it all gorgeously came together and feels like a huge sigh of relief.

Can you explain the process of releasing music during COVID? In the past, what would your release day be like? Would you be performing the new songs at a release party?

I actually haven’t done a true release party for any of my past releases, but I definitely was hoping to for this EP haha. I have played out at writers rounds/open mics/gigs in the past, but this time I tried to do kind of like a silent disco sort of situation. I had a couple friends around and we all played it through at the same time, and I also did the same thing over zoom on release day as well. It was definitely different than I imagined, but you have to adapt to the situation and be open to new ideas. It was really great to see people’s reactions as we’re all listening through, but still enjoying it as your own personal experience. I was really happy with how that went. 

As an independent artist, how have you been coping amidst the pandemic? Do you have any advice for fellow artists and songwriters during this time?

I’m really trying to take one thing at a time. I’ve been through so many different stages of feeling and thought throughout the pandemic. I’m taking any small thing and enjoying it for what it is in that moment.  It feels like I’ve been in a constant underlying state of stress and anxiousness. I really try not to dwell there- nothing lasts forever and I know I have grown so much by being in this position. Some days I am ridiculously unproductive and scatterbrained, but that’s just one day. Try again tomorrow. On some random day that I suddenly have some creative spark or productive energy- GREAT. But if today’s not that day, that’s ok. I’m learning to be easier on myself. 

How long have you lived in Nashville? Did you move to jumpstart your artist career?

I moved to Nashville for college in 2016. So it wasn’t primarily for my artist career, but it was definitely the reason I chose Belmont and Nashville in general. Haha, I actually came thinking I was going to be a pop/country singer, but in the last 4 years I’ve had a lot of introspection, experience, and growth. In a way it did jumpstart my artist career because I finally found who I am as a person and as an artist. 

What’s the first song you ever loved? Has that song or artist continued to influence your music today?

My parents said I was obsessed with “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel (especially on roadtrips). I don’t really know why I was fixated on that song, probably because I wanted to be the “uptown girl” and I felt like it was speaking to me. I was always kind of dramatic haha. My dad was a pretty big fan of The Stranger album too. 

What do you enjoy most about being a songwriter and artist?

I had a friend message me the other day saying how proud she was that I took a painful situation and made it into something beautiful. I feel like a lot of songwriters and artists are going to turn to music as a kind of coping mechanism or a way to work through something. It’s actually incredible how you have the power to take any situation and create art out of it. You can take the pain and hurt and make it into a tangible thing and something that other people can also connect with. You can take heartbreak and make it into a powerful anthem..that’s a pretty great coping mechanism if you ask me. 

If you could be the opener on any tour, who would it be with?

Oh man, I mean I would love to open for blackbear. That would be such a wicked cool experience, but I’d probably pass out if that’d happen haha. Also, Tove Lo or FLETCHER would be pretty killer too.

Who are your all-time favorite artists?

I always gravitate back to blackbear. I listen to him probably too much. I can listen to him for every situation and mood I’m in. I’ve also been a fan of Taylor Swift for years and absolutely loved watching every era that she has dominated. She’s definitely one that got me hooked on songwriting. Growing up, I’d always listen through albums while reading the CD liner notes. I’ve also been a fan of Bon Iver since I first heard “Skinny Love.” For Emma, Forever Ago is such a nostalgic album for me.

Who are your current favorite artists?

I recently got into Tove Lo’s BLUE LIPS album from 2017- it’s such a boss album. I’ve also been a big fan of brakence too, and I about lost it when he did a collab with blackbear on his song dropout. I really love push baby’s woah EP too. I’m anxiously waiting for Marisa Maino to release new music!! 

When you are not making music, what do you like to do?

I’m usually always open to trying something new or doing something social, although that’s been a bit more difficult with COVID etc. I really enjoy thrift shopping and thrift flipping. I also keep going back and forth as to whether I will run another marathon..but I haven’t decided on that yet. I’d definitely need to be more consistent with training before I decide!!

Lastly, in reference to the title of the EP, has he heard it yet?

Hahaha unfortunately I don’t think so, at least not the whole thing. I hope he does though. 

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