INTRN – Get To You

When M+P last caught up with INTRN (2019 interview here), he had five singles under his belt which formed a durable foundation. Every release since 2019’s “Headspace” has continued to prove his knack for stunning songwriting and perfecting his acoustic electro-pop sound. In the last two years, INTRN has amassed 6,000,000+ streams on Spotify and been featured on editorial playlists such as New Music Friday and idk.. His breakout collaboration, “Lose A Friend” w/ Beowülf, has helped with achieving his numbers. As he continues to stack his catalog, INTRN is growing his fan base and elevating his sound.

His brand new single, “Get To You,” has a familiar moody tone, touching upon the relatable loneliness over the last year. Spending time at home, scrolling aimlessly on your phone, and wishing for the day to see people normally again.

Spending days in bed feeling awfully lonesome

Fighting off the feeling that I’ll never find someone

Hoping that the stars align and somehow I find you

Maybe I could wait just a little longer

Socializing’s hard when you’re scared to leave home at 

Some point this will end and we will both find something new

The laid back nature of the song, and simple message creates a feeling of social longing. The “not-so-sad sadboi” sends a message of comfort and hope that we will be out of our lonesome someday. And when it comes to relationships, instead of feeling anxious about not having someone right now, look forward to the day when everything opens up again and the wait is all worth it.

I’m just here at home

Wasting days all on my own

Wishing I could just let go

And get to you

Tired of being alone 

And escaping through my phone 

Wishing I could just let go

And get to you

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