Norii – Exocoetidae

California based, Norii, uses insightful songwriting and metaphorical figures to assist in the beauty of her electrifying left-of-center sound. Her second single, “Exocoetidae,” is inspired by the mythical-like flying fish, which pushes the boundaries of being restricted to just one thing.

“An Exocoetidae is one of those strange fairytale creatures that actually exists in the real world – a dramatic animal that wanders both sky and sea, but never solid ground.”

The song is introduced with a charming arpeggio and glossy vocals. There is a satisfying crescendo that builds throughout the track, and as the song progresses, Norii takes on her newly found identity. The emotionally backed track touches upon the reality of being disowned and Norii shines through the pain of it all. “Exocoetidae” confirms that even when swimming upstream, peace can be found in a new path.

Usually I make up a reason why

An explanation for my last goodbye

I wish more people would lock the door

Behind me so I don’t go back no more

When things start picking up I go back home

So desolate, I hide with all my ghosts

Sitting criss-cross in an empty space

Speak to voices in the crashing waves

You will only ever hear me say

I’m an Exocoetidae

Fish out of water

I’m nobody’s daughter

Anybody’s Prey

I’m an Exocoetidae

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