LVRBOY – plans

After the momentum of his debut album, replacing you, LVRBOY is back with the first release of his third project, continuing his steady rise. The upbeat production of “plans” masks the pain behind cancelling plans after a breakup. It touches upon reminiscing of what could have been and envisioning an entirely different future. The track, written with STRUAN and Ian Christian, takes on a life similar to the work of LAUV.

Concert | Cruise | Cross Country | Cabin Upstate | Trip to France | Xmas in Ohio

“I wrote “plans” about having to cancel plans after a breakup and not wanting to carry them out with someone new. It was one of the first LVRBOY songs I wrote and, for the longest time, I wasn’t quite sure how to produce it. I remember starting it one way and then walking into the next studio session being like “what if we scratched all of that and did this instead.” This one has been through the ringer but, it’s also stood the test of time, which I believe is a testament to the song itself. “

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