Kelley Cole – Anyone

The lights are low, streams of colored fluorescence cutting through the smoke.  As the haze clears, out steps a figment of your wildest disco-pop dreams: it is Kelley Cole, and she is literally whoever you want her to be.

With her debut single, “Anyone,” Nashville-based Cole is stepping onto the scene in style with infectious bass lines, a pulsing four-on-the-floor kick, and the ultimate verbed-out snare as the foundations of this people-pleasing anthem.  Following a 23-second intro – the catchiness of which undercuts its length – Cole vows to provide the life of the party, if only for the night.  And if the addictive rhythm throughout the song isn’t enough to propel you to the dance floor, the bass-and-drum breakdown in the bridge will surely have you feeling the beat in your chest – especially as a choir of otherworldly panned synths pull you back to the chorus.

As the sole writer, producer, and performer on the track, Cole is certainly fulfilling her promised role of… anyone.  We look forward to hearing what’s next from this one-woman show of pop perfection.

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