Jeremy Zucker – end

Jeremy Zucker is a singer, songwriter and producer from New Jersey. He combines indie electronic music with a R&B vibe. You definitely want to keep his music on your radar.

His newest self-made music video will leave you with an array of different emotions. Check it out below!

Jeremy will be on tour early next year with Lauv. The shows he will be at are below!

1/18/18 – Seattle, WA

1/19/18- Vancouver, BC

1/20/18- Portland, OR

2/14/18- Toronto, ON

2/16/18- Chicago, IL

2/17/18 – Minneapolis, MN

2/18/18 – Omaha, NE

2/20/18 – Denver, CO

Check out the rest of Jeremy’s EP that came out October 27!


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