The Making of a Headliner

February 6th, 2018 ~ 9:30 Club, Washington DC

When Lauv first announced his tour back in October, it was a no-brainer that I need to make one of the dates. After purchasing the tickets, I wanted to learn more about the opener: Ashe. I instantly loved the music she had out at the time and hoped that the next couple months would go by quickly.

What I find to be so incredible about going to live shows is being in the same place as an artist you may have waited months or even years to see, and seeing them in their most comfortable state. There is no other feeling than taking in all the same emotions as the performer. Seeing the opener is just as much as a thrill for me. For someone who is constantly looking to find new artists and to spread their names to the world, I really value the openers.  That night, I saw fans of Lauv become fans of Ashe, which is the beauty of music.

Ashe’s stage presence, personality, and incredible voice all factor into the fact that she will have a headlining tour in her future. She quickly won over the crowd as she talked about relatable experiences that she portrays in her music. The glow in her eyes, hitting incredible notes and her happy demeanor confirmed that she belongs on the stage.

She dances like no one is watching, spreads love, and truly is a unique artist.

Ashe has worked with Louis The Child, Whethan, and Ben Phipps aside from her own work. She played a number of new songs while on tour with Lauv, so expect to see more music from her coming soon!

Take a listen to her music below and give her a follow on Spotify and social media. You will want to know this name.

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