Ralph – Tables Have Turned

Meet 26-year old, Raffa Weyman, better known as Ralph. With a 80’s synth/pop/dance vibe to her music, it is hard to not dance along.

Not only is her sound incredible, but she commands her personal brand and owns her style. She is new to the pop scene but is pathing her way with a clear aesthetic goal. Take a look at her videos and you’ll see what I mean.

Ralph’s debut EP (Ralph EP) was released in March of 2017. She has been releasing singles since March of 2018, so a new project may be on the way.

The newest track, Tables Have Turned, is the perfect sounding track for the summertime.

September we met
I could tell by your smile
You hadn’t been with
A good girl like me in awhile
Yeah, you were impressed
Couldn’t leave me alone
Text me everytime
That you pick up the phone

Ralph is signed to 604 records, which is where Carly Rae Jepsen got her start too. There is definitely a promising future for the slick pop star.

Now the tables have turned, now I’m up all night
I’m picturing you acting like a fool
I’m on the other side, you’re like a full moon
And I’m up all night, howling at you
Tables have turned

Tables Have Turned is driven by a groovy base line in the chorus with her synth sounds/style being prominent in the rest of the song as well. The new track goes along well with the other singles that have been released and I can imagine the visual being just as groovy. Check it out below!





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