Wes Fowler – Heroes, Villains and Zombies

I am a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. I started writing songs about seven years ago and thought I would apply to a music program at a college in my area. I submitted my songs but unfortunately got rejected by the school. I was pretty devastated and gave up on things for a while. I picked things back up again about three years ago. I decided to learn how to properly create songs on my own and released my first single “Time Machine.” After “Time Machine” started picking up a bit of steam on Spotify, I continued learning and released another four songs, the latest being “Heroes, Villains and Zombies.”

My favourite part about making “Heroes, Villains and Zombies” was the sound effects. I’m a pretty quiet guy and I recorded them all myself, so I really had to break out of my shell for the Joker laugh and the zombie groaning! I wanted to have them in there to give it a comic-y feel and I really like how they turned out.

I have always loved superheroes, comics, zombies, and anything pop culture really. My parents took me to this tiny, old fashioned theater way up north from my home to see the first Spider-Man movie. It was just out in theaters and it absolutely blew my mind. 

I had this idea that I really wanted to incorporate some of this stuff that I love into a song, but I was worried that it would sound like I forced it. I finally decided that I would write a song about my own experiences and afterwards put the pop culture references in where they fit naturally. It is a song about being lucky enough to find a person that makes you feel okay and cares about you no matter what.

-Wes Fowler

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  1. You are truly a talented artist! The story behind your song is amazing. What a beautiful original song. And the history of your song-writing experience has its high value. Thank you for sharing it all . Looking forward for your newest song and blog.


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